live performance
LA Art Show After Party
Performance installation in collaboration with Dejha Ti
Ren Gallery
January 13, 2018
Los Angeles

Group exhibition
Durden and Ray Gallery
Opening reception February 3rd
Los Angeles

music videos
Artist: Ella Vos
Role: Director
January 2018
Los Angeles

The Big Now
Artist: Robot Koch & Robin Grubert
Role: Choreographer
Director: Dejha Ti and Nils Arend
January 2018
Los Angeles

If U Must Dance
Artist: Sinosa
Role: Performer/Choreographer
Director: Al Kamalizad
Los Angeles                                                                                                                                                       

Lost Motion
Collaboration with Nicola Collie
Los Angeles

Role: Choreographer/Performer
Genre: Fashion Film
Director: Chanel Verdult
Los Angeles