MUSEUM EXHIBITION Savannah, GA “On View” SCAD Museum of Art


February 24-August 25, 2019

SCAD Museum of Art presents the first museum exhibition of performance installation artists Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti in a new commission that will foreground their collaborative practice. In their work, the artists bring together environments, bodies and creative technology to design immersive experiences that draw audiences into their idiosyncratic worlds.

"On View" grapples with and comments on the complicated relationship between art, images and consumerist culture. The experience of art has been altered by audience’s incessant image-making and social media’s co-optation of installation art, with some attending not to see what is on view, but instead to see themselves on view. The performance installation incorporates this phenomenon into the creation of the work itself — "On View" is intentionally incomplete without audience-as-subject. The multilayer engagement incorporates an audience-reactive kinetic environment and a series of performances in the space for the duration of the exhibition.

Drawing from their experience working in various public environments, the artists explore our complex relationships with technology, social media and representation.

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WORKSHOP Berlin, Germany “the non-performing body” b12 Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance Art

July 11-July 14, 2019

in this workshop with ania catherine titled the non-performing body, participants will dive into the above subjects in addition to exploring questions that arise relating to what impact cameras and documentation have on the practice of movement, choreography and performance today. the group will be engaged physically, intellectuallyand emotionally with these subjects while every minute of the workshop is being documented on film. how do you learn to ignore a camera and be present? how does a performer, mover, or choreographer, respond, or not to the camera? what does a camera want of a performing body and what does a performing body want of a camera? in addition to the workshop sessions with ania, participants are invited to sit one-on-one with the cinematographer to share reflections and reactions to the workshop processes and related subjects on camera if desired. does the non-performing body exist? a documentary will be created out of the footage from this workshop and the final product will be submitted to film festivals and cultural institutions.

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